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New beginnings

Well here we are, blogging away. I don’t want to really get into much about myself except when my life was blessed with my fluffy four legged friend Marvin. I came to college and had a fantastic time, never having the opportunity to have a pet but wanting one. Finally the moment arrived that I was able to get Marvin. Marvin is my corgi, he is 4 months old and tri-colored. 

Describing Marvin is like describing laughter, that is pretty much all that I do when he is around. He is goofy, affectionate, clumsy and the sweetest pup around! And he is really all mine! I say this because my roommate has two dogs of her own, and I have been living the dog owner life through her! They are great however, Annie, the boxer, and Dixie, the  red heeler, are very energetic dogs. They keep both of us really active. Marvin has learned a lot from them, he is a very smart dog, which I am very grateful for!! 

Well a brief introduction into who Marvin is and how I see him!! 

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